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The First Social Network for the nightlife in Asia.

GoGoHop is a new FaceBook style Social Network for members that are worried about posting on Facebook about the fun they have with the nightlife in Asia in case family or employer see and a way of organizing into groups for barhops so that they are safer and have more fun.

Members can publish Events like barhops and invite other members or allow members they don't know to join them. Many people come here alone and some nights want to link with others for a bar hop.

Girls can join as members to meet guys who like Asian girls.

BarGirls can publish where they work and when they move bar to help their customers find them.

Bars and other businesses can join and advertise on their own Page, they will know when barhop groups are likely to come in and be able to plan for them.

Bars may link GoGoHop to their own website or use GoGoHop as their website if they don't want the expense of setting up their own site. They will get a website address like

GoGoHop is also available on iphone, android and Smartphone for up to the minute Twitter style updates to tell other members where you are or for Bars to announce special offers or new happy hours for members if the bar is quiet.

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